Our Community Guidelines

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Defining our safe-words

here's the do's and Don'ts of our site

Save the nastiness for the bedroom

Our number one priority is to create a fun and safe place for Kinksters…

To make sure Kinkify is a fun and safe place, we wrote the following list of general community guidelines we would like everyone to respect.

Just remember that your participation on Kinkify is always subject to our Terms of Use.

No Pictures or Videos of Kids Allowed

No pictures or videos of people under the age of 18 on Kinkify. No exceptions.

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old

To join Kinkify as a vendor, customer or lurker you need to be at least 18 years old.

Follow our community guidelines on posts or you will be blocked

To maintain the integrity of discussions we don’t remove the original post or any comments unless they break one of our guidelines or our Terms of Use. 

Only Post Pictures and Videos You Own or Have The Rights to Post

You should only upload pictures and videos which you have taken or which you were given permission to post on Kinkify.

Has someone taken one of your pictures or videos and uploaded it to Kinkify without your permission? Not cool, not cool at all. Let us know and we will take them down. 


If you ever need clarification on any part of the community guidelines or have a question, suggestion, a bit of feedback, or a problem with the site, please feel free to contact us at info@kinkify.me.

Changes to the Community Guidelines

Like Kinkify itself, the Community Guidelines will evolve over time, so make sure to check back for updates.

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